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If you are interested in perhaps making a booking for an online sesion, please use this form. You will need to tell us your name and email address (so we can contact you) as well as the time and date you would like to have your session.

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The time of your session will need to be shown as your LOCAL time.


Please let us know the topics you would like covered in your session. This will help us be better prepared so you get the best possible value from your online time with us. You can list as few or as many topics as you like but experience has shown that fewer topics are better as the session remains more focussed but we will leave that completely up to you.


You will not be billed simply as a result of completing this form. This is just a tool for you to find out if we have a timeslot available which might suit you. Once we have set a time and date, we will then send you an email asking for your PayPal payment for the session

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