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What We Offer

The Editor Academy is first and foremost a training organisation. We are dedicated to providing the best possible onsite and online training for Avid Media Composer and Avid Symphony users of every level.

Avid Training


Custom Training

We recognise that not everyone wants (or needs) to do a structured course. Perhaps you are a more advanced user and need to know only specific things. Perhaps you need a refresher course or just need to "fill up some holes" in your Avid knowledge. This type of training is "right up our alley" and we have conducted sessions such as these on many occasions.

With seventeen years Avid teaching experience as an Avid Certified Senior Instructor, Dave Forsyth is well placed to deliver the best possible customised onsite solution to your Avid training needs.

For these sessions a daily rate of A$800 per day (plus GST if applicable) is charged with the addition of any travel, accommodation or meals expenses

Online Training

Have you ever tried doing an online tutorial and been frustrated by not being able to ask the tutorial a question? Have you ever tried wading through a software manual and found the going really (I mean REALLY) tough? Are classroom sessions never available at just the right time? Well, if you answered "YES" to any of these... good news! We have your solution right here!

The Editor Academy is the first educational resource for non-linear editors to offer personalised real-time editing tuition. Users can book a session by email, pay for the session using PayPal and then participate in an online session one-on-one with an experienced and Avid-certified instructor. Never before has training been so personalised and focussed. The only thing you need in order to participate is a computer, a broadband Internet connection and a SKYPE client.

This service is available between 0800hrs and 2000hrs Australian Eastern Standard Time (EST). To see what time this represents in your timezone, you can click HERE to open up timeanddate.com (not associated with editoracademy.com) Alternatively, choose your country from the list to see what time it is in Sydney and what time it is in your timezone


Normal Hours Pricing

Pricing changes depending on when you want to book the session. Normal hours are between 0800hrs and 2000hrs Monday to Friday AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Pricing during normal hours is US$100.00 per hour or part thereof

Bookings going over one hour will be charged at US$25.00 per quarter hour (15 min) or part thereof

Outside Normal Hours Pricing

There is a facility to make bookings outside of normal hours. Such bookings will attract a surcharge of US$25.00 per hour or part thereof. Such bookings overrunning the one hour session time will be charged at US$25.00 per quarter hour (15 min) or part thereof.

Pricing Examples

Example one: A session is started at 0800 AEST and is terminated at 0840 AEST. Charge is US100.00

Example two: A session is started at 0800 AEST and is terminated at 0910 AEST. Charge is US$125.00

Example three: A session is started at 0600 AEST and is terminated at 0650 AEST. Charge is US$125.00

Example four: A session is started at 0700 AEST and is terminated at 0810 AEST. Charge is US$150.00

Making a Booking

Making a booking for an online training session could not be simpler. Simply click HERE to be taken to our Booking Inquiry Form where you can tell us your name and contact email information and give us an idea as to when you would like to have your session.

You will not be billed for simply filling out this form!

Please note: The date and time you want should fall within our available times (see Online Training) section above. Once we receive your inquiry we can confirm the availability of the requested time and date. If for any reason the booking cannot be taken on the date and time specified, we will contact you and arrange an alternative

We look forward to hearing from you!


Can I book a session less than one hour?

No.  The minimum booking is one hour.  If you use the whole hour, great.  If not, the remaining time cannot be carried over into another session

Can I use the service for technical support?

No.  The service is purely for operational issues and questions.  Technical issues often take much more time to solve and there are existing mechanisms in place to deal with technical issues. Your Avid reseller should be able to help you there.

What version of the Avid software do I have to have to use the service?

Any version you like.  Obviously the more recent the version of software you are using, the better performance you will get.  The Editor Academy will always strive to have the very latest version of the software so you’re getting the very latest information during your session.

Do I have to have a Media Composer system to use the service?

No. You can still book a session and talk about the operational aspects of the Media Composer system without actually having one. If you do not have access to a system at the time, the taking of notes is strongly encouraged.

Can I use the service even if I don’t have a webcam?

Absolutely.  The webcam is only needed if you want your instructor to be able to see you during the session.  Audio-only sessions are fine.  After all, it is all about you getting the information you need and not whether the instructor can see you!

Can I use any other IM application?

Skype is the preferred IM application in use by the Editor Academy.  If there is sufficient demand we may offer sessions using other IM applications but for now, it is Skype.

Can I arrange a session outside the usual hours?

Yes you can.  An additional fee of US$20.00 per hour is added for calls between 0600hrs and 0800hrs Australian Eastern Standard time and 2000hrs and 2200hrs AEST. 

When does the clock start?

We start timing the session two minutes after the initial connection is made just to test the connection and say “hi”



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