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This is an archive of the sixteen videos posted on AvidTrainer's YouTube channel

Ep00101 - Animatte Ep00202 - Composer Settings Ep00303 - Toolsets Ep00404 - Audio Mixer Tips Ep00505 - The SuperBin Ep00606 - Using the Attic Ep00707 - Hiding a Blur Ep00808 - User Profiles Ep00909 - The Clone Mode Ep01010 - Custom Marquee Wipes Ep01111 - Motion Tracking Ep01212 - Animating Path Text Ep01313 - Avid Pan and Zoom Ep01414 - Transitions 1 Ep01515 - Transitions 2 Ep01616 - Transitions 3Lightbox Video Player by VideoLightBox.com v1.8m

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